#TaplifeToo FAQs

It's like Morse Code for the Soul.

Interested in our #TaplifeToo pre-professional tap dance company? You may have some questions… Here are the most popular to help you get informed ūüôā

General Information FAQs

Q: What is #TaplifeToo?

A: The #TaplifeToo Company is a pre-professional tap dance company for those that are serious about furthering their tap dance abilities, knowledge, performance skills and broadening their horizons. We attend tap festivals, concerts and shows. We offer guest series workshops with the premier tap teachers of today, host company activities (i.e. summer camp), and bring you in to be part of both live and recorded productions and music videos.

Q: Is #TaplifeToo part of a Dance Studio?

A: No.  We are a pre-professional Dance Company and do not operate like a dance studio.

Q: Where may we have seen #TaplifeToo perform?

A: #TaplifeToo has been seen performing along side #Taplife Company in Manhattan & Long Island City, Jackson Heights and Rockaway in Queens. Other appearances include The New Jersey Tap Festival, Queens Pride, Queensboro Dance Festival and Fleet Week.

Q: In what areas do you currently operate?

A: Currently, we are based in the New England area which includes NY (home base), NJ, CT, MA. This is meant to be a National organization, so eventually we will operate in locations all over North America.

Q: How do I know if this is an opportunity that I or my dancer would enjoy?

A: If you have the ability or time to be dedicated and aware, or your dancer is the type of student who would practice on their own, this is definitely the program for you. If your dancer is a self-starter and interested in furthering their tap interests/abilities & performing more, this is the perfect program.

Q: How do you manage this group and share information with the members?

A: We use technology.  Be sure you can access FB if you or your tap dancer are considering to audition for #Taplifetoo.  Another form of technology we use is Venmo (a Paypal company property) to record and collect payments.  You can access Venmo via any mobile device (app) OR computer (www.venmo.com).  We would be happy to show you how to use any of the technology we utilize which you are not already familiar with.

Q: Where can we find more information about #Taplife Company or #TaplifeToo?

A: You can find us at www.thetaplife.com OR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taplifecompany/, InstaGram & SnapChat: @taplifecompany, Twitter: @mytaplife

Prospective Member Information FAQs


Q: How do members learn the signature piece ‚ÄúBanana Pancakes‚ÄĚ or additional repertory pieces?

A: Members are welcome to attend as many rehearsal locations as they wish. You are also expected to review and work on material via our private FB group tutorial videos. In addition, you will have some extra rehearsals to help answer your questions and review your material with your area Dance Captain.  Not every month will contain company rehearsal time.

Q: Are all special events in NYC?

A: No.  It is absolutely a central hub we will use.  That said, our special events take place in a number of locations and are moved around as much as possible.  Events can happen in, but are not limited to, NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH, RI, DC, PA, and ME.  The goal is to expand even this as we grow and have more than one central hub.  Sometimes we schedule two locations for events to make sure you have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of.

Q: What is considered to be a ‚Äúlocal area event‚ÄĚ?

A: Anything you can drive to is considered local.  Local for the New England area would be considered everything from Maine to DC area, upstate NY, Jersey Shore, and even eastern PA.

Q: How do you plan to have events in locations near me?

A: We are planning to join Dance Associations in each area where we have a #TaplifeToo location.  We believe this will help us find performance opportunities in each area with a #TaplifeToo location and are always open to suggestions. #Taplife and #TaplifeToo intend to support and enhance tap dance awareness in each local community in which we operate.

Q: What do I do if I am not big on car travel?

A: Travel is a crucial part of dance performance. If you don’t travel well via car, we suggest public transportation or reaching out to other company members for assistance. Travel is meant to provide opportunities to expand one’s knowledge of the world we live in.

Current Member Information FAQs


Q: What happens if we miss too many events?  Are we eligible for a refund?

A: No, we provide a unique service for a reasonable and modest yearly fee.  We also offer unlimited access to any and all rehearsals to make up for any that you may miss in other locations.  It is encouraged to have as many location experiences as possible.  It helps all members to be familiar with each other.

Q: Are rehearsals, special events or performances mandatory?

A: Each situation has its own set of circumstances.  For the most part, rehearsals 2 weeks leading up to any special event/performance are mandatory, but extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.  Please discuss any challenges you may have with Management.  NO performances or Special Events are mandatory, but it is encouraged to attend as many as you possibly can.

Q: Where can I find informational documents?

A: They are located within our private FB group either in the ‚ÄúFiles‚ÄĚ section or by searching a keyword or hashtag. You can also email us¬†to request a copy of our contract/additional requirements.

Q: Is there an extra charge for special events?

A: Sometimes there might be.  We may charge a fee to perform if the event is charging us.  For Guest Series or Guest Workshop classes, there is no extra charge.  It is included in your regular fees.

Q: Are there events that happen every year?

A: Yes.  Each year, we will host a show in conjunction with the Big Apple Tap Fest (usually held the 2nd weekend of November).  The title & content of the show will differ, but there WILL be a show that Friday night.  We will also be involved (in some capacity) in the Queensboro Dance Festival.  QDF is in October and now has summer events as well.  Those will vary each year depending on specific company availability.

Other events will vary per year and may come up last-minute.  We will do our best to fill each performance with as many members as we can.