#TaplifeToo Testimonials

It's like Morse Code for the Soul.

We always try to operate in a very transparent, honest, and respectful way. Here are a few words from our members and their guardians…

“As an original member of #TaplifeToo I am so happy with the training, guidance and performance experiences I have been privileged to be a part of.  This is an opportunity that no studio can provide, it is more than just learning to tap dance.  My #Taplife family is a very big part of my growth as a dancer, a person and a professional.”

-Isabella Gamba


“My daughter recently began a member of #TaplifeToo and it has been an amazing experience  She was part of the #Camplife experience which introduced us to so many great families who share our love of tap ! Anthony , Staci, Katie and Kelly are so talented and truly treat the students as if they are family. I know that all of them put in a lot of time and effort and we truly thank them for sharing  their talents with their students.  I can’t wait to see what comes next on this journey.”

-Ann Flanagan


My daughter, Emily has been a part of the #TaplifeToo Company since the beginning. Throughout our experience as part of this company everyone has been so helpful. Emily loves learning new material and performing when an opportunity comes up and we are able to participate. Any time either of us has a question, someone is always there to answer. Anthony and Staci are supportive and understanding. Everyone is very professional but this company also feels like you a part of something so much better and bigger than a dance company. Thank you for allowing Emily to be part of this company.”

-Jeanne Anastasio


“My daughter Nicole is a new member of #TaplifeToo & I can’t begin to explain the talent, love, experience & happiness that comes from being a part of it. Anthony, Staci, Kelly & Katie are by far the most talented tap artists I have ever seen! My daughter & I are honored to be part of their Tap Family-& I say family because that’s how they make all of us feel ❤️”

-Christine BenJacob


“As a parent of a tapper who is constantly looking for more opportunities to perfect her art, I can not begin to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to be involved with #TaplifeToo.  Anthony, Staci, Kelly, Katie and all the company members that we have met and work with have been nothing but incredible. My daughter is getting a real taste of what it means to pursue tap at a professional level, learning what is expected, how a professional company is run and what her role in one should be. 

At a time when finding opportunities for tappers is becoming increasingly difficult, to have met these people has been wonderful. Plenty of performance opportunities,  Master classes with some of the top named tappers in the industry, and the ability to just focus on tap has enabled my daughter to take her tap to the next level.

Learning things that she may not be able to in her studio setting, has allowed her to grow and find her own artistic voice, allowing her to concentrate on her love for this art form. 

She has also gained more confidence in herself and willingness to step out of her comfort zone as a dancer and try things that she has shied away from in the past.  Anthony and Staci, along with Kelly and Katie, truly care for the dancers and guide them and nurture them,  which gives these dancers confidence to try things that they may not be willing to do in a regular studio setting.

 One thing I have really noticed that makes me happy is that strength of character, an emphasis of being kind and caring,  building others up, instead of tearing down and supporting your other company members is the norm and expected.  I love this.. 

My daughter now has friends from all over the tri state area.. she has people she can call on no matter where she is, this truly is a tap family..”  

-Raleigh Bowker


“My daughter Olivia has been dancing since she is 2, competing since she was 6. Tap has always been her passion. This year she heard about #TaplifeToo and was intrigued. Nervously she tried out. She was offered a spot on the pre professional team and since then has been nothing but happy. It is both challenging and rewarding beyond our expectations. The professionalism and level of respect that she is treated with is incredible. She is also being taught to hold herself to a higher standard when it comes to her level of professionalism and respect for her teammates , competitors and teachers. Anthony, Staci and Kelly have been supportive, encouraging, and challenging for Olivia. This may be one of her most positive experiences. We are looking forward to our future with this company for many years to come.”

-Theresa Boselli Tonis


“My son was honored to be invited to join #TaplifeToo a little over a year ago. In addition to finding a place where he can get challenged as a tap dancer, we have been delighted to find ourselves immediately welcomed into a refreshing and supportive tap family. As a competitive dancer with a full school schedule, what we love about #TaplifeToo is the flexibility their training offers. Phoenix is often unable to attend rehearsals due to competition conflicts, but the team at #TaplifeToo allow for online tutorials so he is able to work hard at home and keep up with his practice. He can attend rehearsals around the tri-state based on his increasingly demanding schedule. Anthony and the #TaplifeToo faculty are always available and he reaches out to them with questions about the technique etc. The master classes that are included in this company are phenomenal and he can safely say his only complaint is that he is not always able to attend them due to conflicts with his personal schedule. Phoenix loves the diverse training that is offered through the company. He is beyond excited to have so many performance opportunities, and the chance to share the stage, not only with his amazing fellow company members, choreographers and mentors, but with so many amazing and inspiring dancers from around the world. #TaplifeToo and the Taplife company have created a wonderful environment for him to grow his tap dancing, in addition they provide leadership and inspiration, focusing on being passionate, driven, creative  dancers with a strong work ethic. They embrace the history of the art form, the progressive strides it has taken and demand old fashioned good manners and etiquette to go with it! A winning combination and we are so proud to be a member of this company.”

-Leigh Goodman